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When it comes to veterinary care, it’s important to find a clinic that you can form a lasting relationship with. The bond between veterinarians, pets and their owners is important in helping you to place your trust in the care that your pet is

Veterinarian Near Burbank

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Whether you are a pet parent to household animals like dogs or cats, a caregiver for farm animals, or both, finding the right vet is essential. You need someone who will be there for routine care, such as vaccinations, wellness exams, and

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Spaying or neutering a pet has become a very common procedure in the United States. Today, you can get the procedure done from nearly any veterinary office. Why is it so common? Why has the pet healthcare community worked so hard to make it

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Are you ready to get a little gross here? We often talk about diseases in terms of what they can do to your pet. After all, you’re not exactly giving your cold to your dog, and your cat isn’t giving you theirs...right? It turns out that there are

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Phone: (818) 509 - 2987
Email: info@sweethomevets.com

Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital

Sweet Home Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide both clinic based and mobile veterinary services in the Van Nuys, Burbank, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Universal City, Glendale, Sun Valley, Northridge, Reseda and Encino communities.
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